Ryan Gander “Your Present Time Orientation (First Act) – Random Abstraction” (2011)

His pieces are a recurring and welcomed presence, characterized by playful, almost whimsical constructions, awash with allusion and poetics alike. Gander determinedly shatters and purposely glues back together the works of art past. I hate to use the following post-modernist term, but Gander delights in a kind of historical and formal pluralism.

Typical of this years exhibit, the wall label for this work gives away too much information, almost explaining it away and not leaving much to discover:

The components of several Mondrian (and other various abstract modernist composition painters) separated into their solid colors and re-represented by painting a vast amount of differing shaped and sized, cheap, commercially available colored glass clip frames, exhibited casually, leaned against the wall as a random abstraction.

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